Rolling Stone's Worst Songs of the '90s


Do you agree with this list? I mean, Mmm Bop is kind of a lyrical masterpiece. And I don’t see “Blue” anywhere. What are your additions? Subtractions?

Brings back my childhood. All classics to me haha!

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  1. justmade7 answered: if you get down on me i’ll get down on you..ya…right!
  2. alej05shif answered:
  3. steam-and-crunch answered: Disagree. Some of the songs on the list shouldn’t be there.. and there are some terrible songs that should have been added.
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  5. wxnerd answered: I really don’t think “What’s Up” has any place in that top ten. I still like the song.
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  7. theflowshow answered: No way! Mmm Bop is tha bomb!!! hahaha But I totally agree with Macarena, worst song ever!!! And it was played all around the world…a shame
  8. ahymner answered: agreed that’s opinion
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  11. bunnykissd answered: Disagree completely! ^-^
  12. leehsilva24 answered: oi
  13. angieangiebobangie answered: I’m too sexy
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    Brings back my childhood. All classics to me haha!
  15. libraryrummaging answered: by “worst” do they mean “records that made an ass-load of money”?
  16. pacifus answered: What’s Up is one of the best pop hits of our time. It should be honored as such.
  17. kellyyoda answered: MMM Bop SHOULD NOT BE ON THERE!!!
  18. englandinmyblood answered: Informer by Snow, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers, Would I Lie To You by Charles & Eddie
  19. michellemabelle82 answered: the 2 kids i used to baby sit (one is in high school the other in middle) was OBSESSED with “Blue” lol
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    I think this list was meant to be called Culturally Phenomenon songs of the 90’s ‘cause surely Rolling Stone has got it...
  21. haleysuzannestone answered: I LOVE that 4 Non Blondes song!
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    I don’t think Barbie Girl is the worst, I like it in a so-cheesy-and-awful-it’s-almost-kind-of-awesome way. I would have...
  23. cecibear answered: Ice Ice Baby needs to get taken off now.
  24. gnomeygirl answered: I would remove Barbie Girl, Tubthumping and I’m too sexy, add “Nothing Compares 2 U,”You Oughta Know” andCan I Touch You… There? - Michael
  25. jeremysaffer answered: this list was clearly written by someone who didnt actually like music in the 90s.
  26. mikeblogoff answered: The Baha Men’s version of “Who Let the Dogs Out” isn’t from the 90s. It was released in 2000.
  27. fernando-pessoa answered: "Butterfly Kisses" deserves to be on there…
  28. bunnylover17 answered: "…Baby One More Time." Ugh!
  29. noisebaptism answered: Lit “A Place in the Sun” & Crazy Town “Butterfly”
  30. waitingforalice answered: Mmmbop is a freaking classic. And I liked a few of the songs in the top 10 for the nostalgia factor if nothing else.
  31. katebeckettswift said: Didn’t look at the whole list yet, but I 100% agree that “Barbie Girl” is the worst. They got that one right! lol
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    This is just the track listings from Voodoo Lounge and Bridges to Babylon, right?
  34. flylikebirds answered: i do not agree with that list. it’s probably just because i’m reminded of my childhood when hearing any of those songs.. but still!!!
  35. the-atheist-bulldog answered: anything by Limp Bizkit
  36. sparkgrrl658 said: wow, this list is totally off!! you are SPOT ON about blue, fucking A that was awful. i would also leave in the macarena & baha men for sure, & probably billy ray cyrus but the rest can easily be replaced.
  37. gonnapeemuhpants answered: I only agree with Macarena, Achy Breaky, and Celine Dion as worst.
  38. danielfransa answered: I think I agree, add “Florentina” is a music of “Tiririca” a important Brazilian politic
  39. ladyjaye answered: I agree with 4 non blondes (always hated that song) but Barbie Girl and I’m too Sexy are tongue-in-cheek songs.